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Sales Trainers International is a Company specialising on Sales Techniques Training of Individuals and Teams. Important companies rely on the peak performance of their staff members and this is why we take pride in keeping Company staff constantly trained.

STI is made up of energetic and dynamic coaches, specialising in all Corporate Fields and apart from specialising in Sales also specialise in Customer Care,
Leadership etc. The experience in Sales, Marketing and Leadership spans over 25

Our speciality is to work with Small to Medium Enterprise Companies on how to grow their personal and business-life, and change both these from good to great.
Our main passion is to coach & mentor Sales Teams, Executive Management, Middle management and Business Owners on the Art of Selling, and pass on the

Who We Are

Our Company has learnt from being 25 years in the business, the psychology of excelling in the Art of Selling and its passion today is to share this know-how and pass it on .

Our Trainers have been trained by ‘The Greats’, like Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Victor Antonio, Grant Cardone and many more.
Many Companies already employ Sales Executives, Sales Managers and Directors, however who is checking on the untapped potential of these ?

How we Deliver

The strength of our Company is the Psychology Training behind each Programme.
Our Trainers are Dynamic and Energetic and manage to transfer their energy to each and every one present for the Training. Each Training includes Music and
Videos so that we engage with All the participants present in a physiological and mental manner. We use our hands-on experience to create hands-on trainings.Trainings can be delivered Virtually ( Video-Conferencing) or in person.

What are we proud of ?

Our trainings are not Text-Book trainings , but lived real-life experiences backed by
being 25 years in the Industry…



Keith A. Fitzpatrick

Our Training Programmes

Phone Sales

Selling remotely in
Covid Times


The Psychology of

‘The Hybrid’

When ‘Sales’ meets
‘Customer Care’

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